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iTipsports – About.

iTipsports was established in April 2011 and was born fundamentally out of frustration.

You see, as amateur punters, we were sick of dredging through different papers, schemes, bookies, pro punters and handicappers who throw up supposed winner after winner and it just never happened. Or, if it did, the cost of information was so prohibitive unless you were prepared to lay out the big bucks.

So, we started iTipsports…a service that would provide value for money tips and form, a bang for your buck as they say. Our first task was to find quality form analysts and we did this, with our men Pete Brinky in Melbourne and The Blaazing One Ben Perkins in Sydney and Brisbane.

The Keys to winning at racing and sports betting

Now winning on the punt is very difficult, ask around with your mates and find out how many win. And if they say they do, double check they are not making it up.

Of course, some win but very few do. The one’s that do in our view have the core characteristics required to win:

  • Discipline in following a plan, typically with a bank, staking plan and not chasing losses
  • Good form to follow
  • Ability to establish value and realising strong gains on those value opportunities

Our form analysts are amongst the best in the country and provide you reputable, reliable form guide, ratings and tips. They have been in the business for a long time

You need to provide the discipline and if you do this, you can win.

If you are a professional or semi professional punter, you will find our form guide great value as you work to your ratings and plan to create a winning bank.

Of course, many punters are in the game for the thrill of the win and if you lack the discipline but understand you are having a bet because you enjoy it, then itipsports can help you here not only because of our excellent form but also our information wont cost you a fortune.

If you have a feel for the Racing and follow the form to some degree, that is an important element as well. Working your way through our form sheet and tips with your own view or conviction, that instinctive gut feel based on your assessment coupled with our analysts can sometimes be a powerful tool.

But of course, you can also just rely on our form and ratings.

Given we generally provide you up to 3-4 chances per race multi staking or multi bets (ie all ups, trebles, quaddies etc) are all strong opportunities that come from our selections and the way you bet. Multi betting can be profitable and often can be low stake and high return.

If you don’t want to jump straight in, then subscribe to our FREE TIPS, every Saturday or major race day and from time to time mid week, for each market we provide form in, we will send you a free tip.

But of course, we would love you to join us, in Melbourne Racing with our man Pete Brinky or in Sydney or Brisbane with our man Blaazing Ben Perkins.

A Day Pass is only $19 per market or Monthly Pro Pass are only $49.

Another feature of our service is we generally have our form and tips out to you by Friday lunchtime. This gives you a great chance to get on early and take advantage of superior odds, which is often the case the day before race day.

So, whether you are a pro punter or just in it for a bet, iitpsports is the service for you. Reliable, superior form and at a value fee. But of course, please bet responsibly. It is the right thing to do, know your limit.

Good Luck and Good Punting,

The Crew at iTipsports