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The NFL is one of, if not the worlds most powerful and brutal sports. Over the course of the NFL 17 week season, some of the worlds strongest, fastest and most skilled sportsmen compete in what is described as “America’s Sport”.

The NFL sits beautifully into the iTipsports betting methodology of the HBM Human Behaviour Model. NFL tips and betting in this sport is ideally suited as it is brutal physically but also mentally. It has thick deep play books that test high academic types and all players are expected to know the play books inside out. The physical and mental nature of this sport results in high levels of fluctuation in human and team performance.

iTipsports NFL tips and betting will go about providing form sheet and tips on Saturday afternoons, the day prior games. Like the AFL and NRL in Australia and the NBA in the U.S. iTipsports NFL will look to delve into the bookmakers odds with its NFL tips and betting to find winning results. A weekly wash up will be provided to update subscribers on results.

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The National Football League (NFL) begins its season in the first or second weekend of September each year. The 17 week season ends in December or early January. It consists of 256 games, where each team (32 total) plays 16 games during the 17-week period. The NFL season programming has the bulk of its games played on Sundays, which leaves the Saturday scheduling for the NCAA College Football. The majority of games kick off at 1:00pm, some late afternoon games starting at 4:25pm and then there is a Sunday game playd every week at 8:30pm. There is also in the programming for the NFL a game scheduled 8.30pm Thursday nights and of course the massive ratings of Monday night NFL starts at 8:30pm.

The New England Patriots, led by the great quarterback Tom Brady won the 2016/17 Superbowl 32-28 over the Atlanta Falcons. Prior to that the Patriots beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 36-17 in the AFC final and the Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers 44-21 in the NFC final

Early season markets and betting for NFL 2017/18 –
$5 – Patriots
$11 – Packers, Steelers
$12 – Cowboys
$13 – Seahawks
$16 – Falcons, Raiders
$26 – Panthers

Key questions about the NFL –

What date does the NFL start? NFL 2017 start date September 7 2017
How many teams compete in the NFL? 32 teams
How many conferences in the NFL – There are two conferences in the NFL the American Football Conference AFC and the National Football Conference NFC and there are 16 teams for each NFL conference.
How many divisions in the NFL –
Each conference has four divisions the East, West, North, South. In each division there are four teams per division.
Who won the Super Bowl in 2017 – New England Patriots
Who was the MVP in the 2017 Super Bowl – Tom Brady

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