In AFL tipping, the hardest part for most people is actually identifying the most likely winners for each and every match up they wager on. The truth is that making accurate picks time and again isn’t that hard, at least once you get the hang of it. Good AFL tipping is a skill just like any other, and there are things that can be done to improve that skill. If you’re interested in stepping up your own game, here are four critical points that will help you to improve the outcome of your tipping season this year.

Acknowledge the Importance of Statistics

One of the best ways to get better at tipping this year is to start acknowledging the importance of league statistics in order to give yourself the most accurate picture for making a decision. This doesn’t mean you have to go crazy memorizing every major and minor stat on the books. Instead, use a few of the more basic stats that are available before every match you are tipping for, even those matches for which you’re certain of the outcome. The most revealing statistics to consider before a match for the two competing clubs includes their previous win rates when facing one another, home and away win rates, current records, outcomes of most recent games, longest winning and losing streaks, and any other factors you may consider important for a specific match up. Having this knowledge will help you to make the most accurate possible decision about each game you plan on tipping for.

Make Last Minute Selections to Get All the Information

Waiting until the last minute or so to make your official selection for a match up is an excellent way to ensure you have all the necessary information for an accurate choice. Pregame changes for both clubs can occur even during the last hour or so before the start of a game, and if you’re able to pick up on a major development from your main AFL news source that might impact the outcome, then you’ll still have time to change your selection accordingly. The key here is to give yourself enough time to actually make all of your selections, especially if there are multiple match ups you’re tipping for that all start at the same hour.

Learn as Much About Each Club as Possible

If you’re at least generally aware of the status of each club in the league, you will be in a much better position to improve your overall tipping season. Again, as is the case with statistics, you don’t have to know every small detail about a particular club, but if you know at least a few things about each one you’ll be better positioned to make smarter decisions when it comes to the different match ups that occur throughout the year. General details that can help to know for each club include key players lost/gained from trades, overall team health, previous year’s ranking, quality of coaching staff, and top points scorers. Not only will you improve your overall knowledge of the various clubs, but you’ll also feel more confident for when you decide to make selections on new match ups you’ve never wagered on before.

Keep Track of Your Own Outcomes to Get Better

Tracking the details of your own wins and losses is an important step for getting better at AFL footy tipping. By knowing the match ups where you made the right and wrong selections, you’ll be able to change your tipping strategy from season to season and even as a single season progresses. The changes you need to make may not be immediately apparent, but if you put a little bit of effort into studying the connections between all of the match ups where you made a winning selection, you should be able to identify the factors behind those games that led to your success. You can then take those common ties with you going forward and use them as the new basis for your success in tipping future matches.

If you want to win more of your AFL tips, you need to seize the most control possible over your tipping AFL season. Using statistics, making your selections as late as possible, learning all you can about each club, and keeping track of your own progress are all important measures that should work to improve your overall tipping record. The outcome for each match is often determined by luck, but by using the above strategies, you can make that luck your own.

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