AFL tips and betting JLT series

AFL tips and betting JLT series AFL 2018 tips and betting season is not far away and we say hoorah! And the real stuff is only a month away with the AFL season opener between Richmond and Carlton on Thursday 22 March and AFL tips and betting has a -24.5 for last years...

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AFLX…the world game?

AFLX – the world football game? The AFLX trial of taking the game to the world has come and gone with the tri state series in Adelaide/Melbourne/Sydney over the weekend 16-18 February. The jury is out but all in all we found AFLX disappointing in that apart from long...

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AFLX answer to 20/20

AFL version of 20/20…AFLX With the success of shortened versions of sports around the world (except in the U.S. where they love the long and big version of everything), it was inevitable that the AFL would go down the same path. And so it is and the birth of AFLX and...

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